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Zagreb: A New Urban Art Destination


Unlike other European countries, Street Art in Croatia is pretty recent, like in the Greek capital: Athens. Now beautiful mural can be observed because there is plenty buildings from the 60s with huge and grey walls: ideal areas for a colourful painting. Zagreb is one of the smaller capitals in Europe but is called “the city of museums”. By the way, there is a Street Art Museum MUU in there. It can take some time to see all the good spots hidden in the streets but In this way, Zagreb is a new urban art destination. Indeed, artists are creative and talented. Cultural institutions do not hesitate to call them to decorate their buildings. All these pieces of art are flourishing in the city and Zagreb become an original destination for urban art lovers. 

The Urban Art event “Pimp My Pump”

Born in 2011, the collective “Pimp My Pump” aimed to decorate the old water pumps of the city, genuine meeting points for the citizens in the past, in original and always colourful ways. Some of the pumps may now be destroyed but some of them still remain and it’s really amusing to meet one by chance during a walk.

Street Art “Pimp My Pump” in Zagreb

OKO: a talented Croatian Artist in Zagreb and elsewhere

The Ugly Duckling, OKO Street Art Student Centre, Zagreb, March 2016
“The Ugly Duckling” Street Art by OKO in Zagreb (2016)

OKO (=eye in Croatian) is one of the best artists from Croatia. Indeed, her unique style is very recognisable, mostly with black and white mi-human and mi-animal characters with colourful backgrounds. She’s painting another version of the reality and her characters’ clothes, which seem to come from another time, contrast with the modern and punchy colours around them. 

“Open My Eyes That I May See” Street Art by OKO in Zagreb

OKO is well-known as a street artist in Zagreb and Europe. In fact, her talent can be observed at several points in European cities. To see more of here work, go on her Instagram account or her website.

oko-street artist
Street Art by OKO in Zagreb

Vukovart Street Festival

This festival takes place in Vukovar, a city in Croatia who wants to promote all kind of arts and artists. Vukovart takes place in June and during the 2019’s edition 5 huge murals were painted. The theme “Give me 5!” inspired the artists for impressive results. Then, a semi-marathon will take place and people will run by these new murals. You can observe all the murals on the website’s event

Art Dating : Spoj Vukovart 2019- WD Wild Drawing
“Dating”, Spoj Vukovart 2019 WD Street Art mural in Zagreb

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