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Zabou, Rea One And Snake: 3 talented French Street Artists


Let’s discover 3 talented French Street Artists in Europe: Zabou, Rea One and Snake. They have different styles but the same passion for Street Art.

A talented French artist with her realistic portraits: Zabou

“Quick!” Street Art by Zabou, Spain 2020

Zabou is a French artist who lives in London. She is a recognized artist and her work is really impressive. Indeed, she can paint realistic black and white portraits of famous people around the world, such as Labbé Pierre, or Salvador Dali for example. It is almost an optical illusion because she really knows how to add details to her paintings. The faces are surrounded by a background full of colours.

“Dali and his Ocelot” Street Art by Zabou, London 2020

Zabou is mainly working with bomb paint and her focus is on the persons emotions. She is travelling all around the world and this is where her inspiration is coming from: the places and people she meets. Zabou‘s last street painting is representing a Netflix series character of “The Queen’s Gambit”. 

“The Queen’s Gambit” Street Art by Zabou, London 2021

She’ll present her first solo exposition in 2021. No not hesitate to check her website / Instagram account to see more about her work. 

The talented Street Artist Rea One: A modern vision of Street Art

This second artist is Rea One. He is a complete and self-made artist, who his graffitis can be observed everywhere in France. His style went from a wild style to 3D paintings. Rea One likes to diversify his supports, of course the street’s walls but also clothes, sneakers, bags and so on. He’s an original artist who doesn’t hesitate to bring a new look to street art by pushing the limits of the walls. 

Street Art by Rea One, festival “Just Do Paint” in Saint-Brieuc, France (2020)

For the festival “Just Do Paint” in Saint-Brieuc, Rea One is painting abstract lettering, between light and dark, without a clear message but with good vibes of life freedom.

Snake is one of the best talented French Street Artists

Snake is one of the most known talented French Street Artists. His graffitis are very colourful. This artist can paint on any support: walls of course but also cars, trains, planes… He’s painting all around the world and his technique and style is known in the Street Art universe. Sometimes the subjects of Snake‘s paintings are committed, such as the climate change, to make people aware of the situation of our planet.

“Detox your Futur acte.2” Street Art by Snake, festival “Just Do Paint” in Saint-Brieuc, France 2020

In fact, during the festival “Just Do Paint” in Saint-Brieuc, his mural was representing a woman holding the Earth’s heart. Hidden and colourful letters are forming words, that are written on the woman’s body. Snake calls this approach “typocaractère” (typography + character). The Words that he pick are often in relation to his theme: Action, Choix (=choice), Espoir (=hope), Urgence (=urgency) et Temps (=time). All of this forms a beautiful piece of art that citizen from Saint-Brieuc can observe for free.

Using colours and strong words for committed causes can form such a beautiful painting in order to wake up minds about the current situation. 

More photos and information about Snake: check his Instagram account.

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