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When European Street Art supports causes like the LGBTQ+ community


Street Art is a good way to show messages and defend causes such as the women rights or the recognition of the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s see how Street Art supports the LGBTQ+ cause. 

The Street Art “Embrace” by J. Caslin in Dublin

In Ireland, the year 2015 was the time of a referendum about the question of union of homosexual people. The artist Joe Caslin who defends the cause just uses his talent to paint a huge mural in the Irish capital, Dublin. It represents two men embracing. A message of tolerance and love. street art Joe caslin Dublin
Street Art by Joe Caslin, Photo by Seán Jackson

The artist made it during an entire night on a building in South George street. Indeed, the building is located in the middle of Dublin and the photograph Sean Jackson was there too. The two men represented on the street painting are in fact, real persons and models of this photograph. Then, Joe Caslin explains that his country has evolved a lot and he’s in favor of homosexual weddings.

The artist painted this mural a few weeks before the referendum. Numerous people recognized the beautiful work art and message from this wall. 

Joe Caslin painted a similar mural as the first described, on a castle near Galway. His painting is inspired from Frederick William Burton’s work. This painting is the women version of his work in Dublin? It represents a couple of women embracing just like the mural in the South George Street. 

joe-caslin-galway street art
Street Art by Joe Caslin, Photo by Davey Sexton

This vote was about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart & seeing with his or her eyes.

Joe Caslin, 23 May 2015 on Instagram

Using Street Art to defend causes can impact people 

In this way, we can see that Street Art supports the LGBTQ+ cause. Street artists can impact people directly in the street to send a message of open mind and it makes this form of art even more exceptional. With his work, Joe Caslin send a message of tolerance and acceptation, he depicts the mentality of an open-minded generation in his country. 

Joe Caslin

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