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The place of Street Art is growing in Belgrade

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The place of Street Art is growing in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Indeed, it’s tumultuous History had make a good way for artists to express themselves. The urban space is really occupied by local artists like Artez, Nikola and TVK.

So, there is a lot of styles and techniques in the entire city. It’s up to the observer to make its own interpretation!

Perfect place for street art

Serbia is a huge potential for street artists. Kilometers of concrete and nobody has the money to erase the paintings: the perfect spot. For the pleasure of our eyes the walls are colored and it brings life to the districts, especially the old buildings. Belgrade also makes tour guide in the city for people who want to discover all the pieces of art hidden.

Street Art is growing everywhere

In Belgrade, the urban art isn’t just in the city center of the capital but extend to the suburbs. For example, you can find ancient factory covered of Street Art. In another hand, the district of Savamala is a very cultural district in the center of Belgrade. 

A project named “Belgrade Waterfront” is in process to replace the old buildings by modern and luxury ones. Despite the fact that the city is often destroy and rebuilt, Street Art develops in Belgrade. Some works art have causes like veganism, environment and climate or homophobia. That explains how Street Art is growing in Belgrade.

The artist Artez makes an impressive work in the city but also all around the world. His style of painting is a subtle mix of photorealism and illustration. 

“Goose”, serie “Keep me safe”, DUK Festival Čačak, Serbia 2016.
photo by: Bojan Pajić 

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