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The biggest festival of European Street Art: Bristol

street artist Bristol

The biggest festival of European Street Art and graffiti takes place every year in Bristol. So, let’s discover why!

Perfect city to observe work art

Bristol is a wonderful city for every Street Art lover, located in the South-Ouest of England. Indeed, every available wall in the center is a support for urban art. Impressive or minimalist, creative and surprising work art can be observe everywhere. The street art is now so recognized in Bristol that Street Art visit Tours are organized all around the city with WHERETHEWALL. The visits are recalling interesting.

The Bansky’s Hometown

The reputation of Bristol is surely due to the work art of the very famous artist who used to live and paint there: Banksy. Moreover, the Bristol’s inhabitants voted for the conservation of street work art in the city. That’s how Street Art never stops growing in this city, for the pleasure of the eyes. The South-East city of England is now considered as the capital of Street Art in Europe. 

Banksy, Bristol Credit photo: Flore Le Roux

Every year, the biggest Street Art and graffiti festival takes place and is called the Upfest. As they do in Vienna for the Calle Libre festival, world-famos artists come to express themselves on the walls. Then, young but nonetheless talented artists also can show to the public their techniques because tourists are observing Street Art all the yearlong in Bristol.

For example, in 2018, more than 400 artists came from everywhere in the world. That’s why the biggest festival of European Street Art takes place in Bristol. Finally, it’s a very colorful city, as you can see the photos bellow. bristol
Bristol street art
street art Bristol street art in Bristol
street art Bristol
Street Art in Bristol, Credit Photo: Flore Le Roux

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