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Conor Harrington x Maser, Londres // mai 2013 @vidos โ€“ street-art-avenue
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Conor Harrington’s Street Art: wonderful murals by the Irish artist

Street Art is full of artists and each of them has its own history and career. An Irish street artist with an exceptional talent: Conor Harringtonโ€™s Street Art is really impressive. Indeed, his quick ascent to a world known reputation is surely due to the original style that he uses. An original technique of painting …
Cities of Street Art

One of the symbols of underground art: Berlin

How to speak about Street Art without mentionning Germany and especially its capital? Now underground art is everywhere in Berlin. Its reputation is surely due to its past and the History of the Berlin wall, built in 1961.ย  This wall just has the most popular street artists work. When the reunification comes, an association fought …