Why “Street Art in Europe”?

I’ve always been interested in Street Art, most because of its form, I mean everybody can see it in the street! It’s free and allowed the Art to every public despite the social classes. Moreover, I think that the Street Artists should be more recognized in their work. But in another hand, some artists are anonymous and this mystery part is also really exciting!

   “Hi there! My name is Marion, I’m a French student in Digital Marketing.”

Credit Photo: Flore Le Roux

A Street Art festival in Saint-Brieuc (France)

I can say that graffiti art is a good way to share culture to everybody. Painting are made and can be seen in the most simple way: the street. I live near the city of Saint-Brieuc in France (Brittany). The festival “Just do paint” takes place for the 3rd edition now in this city. Indeed, it’s a team of volunteers and professionals made by the association Event Maker’Z and the group of artists “TSF Crew” who created this festival. The idea is to make some events by bringing colors, dynamism in the city an let the culture be available for all its inhabitants.

Credit Photo: Flore Le Roux

In this way, Saint-Brieuc is going to be a very good spot to see street work art. Then, artists from all the world are now coming to the event. I’m so glad to live near to this city because I’ve always been interested in Street Art.

Moreover, international artists are coming during this festival and it permits to see several techniques of painting and their influences all around the world.

Official Video of the 2nd edition “Just Do Paint”, 2019

I hope you’ll find the information you need on my website or you’ll learn more about the good places of Street Art in our beautiful European cities.

For all the references and informations that I didn’t mentioned my sources, I get all my information from this book: Oxygène, N. and Sihol, B. (2018) “STREET ART EUROPE & GRAFFITI”, Alternatives.