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A festival of Street Art in Vienna: the City of dreams street art Vienna

Vienna is called “The City of Dreams”. Maybe operas, baroques castles and classical art come to your mind when you hear about that city. But Austria is not the last country of Street Art in Europe, even if the development of urban artists pretty much recent. The Street Art in Vienna is really present. The Danube’s riverbanks can bear witness.

The good places of Street Art in the capital

As just announced before, the path all along the Danube is extremely colorful. Almost every wall along it are covered by graffitis in all sorts and collages. Long by 17km that makes lots of space to see beautiful murals. A good idea is to take a bike and go for a ride because it is really the best way to do it.  

street art in Vienna par-ci par-là
Credit Photo: Par-ci par-là

The 6th district in Vienna is also known for its fancy spirit and beautiful work art can be observed. The building Naschmarkt is an example of it. 

Calle Libre festival

Street Art in Vienna is also here thanks to a festival “Calle Libre”, created for the urban esthetic of the capital in 2014. It takes place every year in August. Its aim is to promote and develop urban art in Austria. Moreover, a lot of artists from all around the world come to paint in the streets of the capital for few days. For example artists from Latina America, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil…

Artists like 10 Hun & Deadbeat Hero are very talented and made beautiful work art. Moreover, the festival Calle Libre is a good way to transform random walls in a city to beautiful and very colorful murals. 

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