Cities of Street Art Festivals

Street Art in Athens is pretty recent

A recent development of urban art

The development of Street Art in Greece is recent. Indeed, it took more and more space during the economic crisis. Involved artists in Athens gather their talent to express their feelings. As the proverb says: “crisis makes you creative”. 

Stencils paintings are everywhere in Athens, an easy way to demonstrate the disagreements of the period. Their political oriented messages against the propaganda wake up the public opinion. Greek artists have found a new way to express their feelings outside the classic communication channels. It can be slogans, caricatures, symbols and it’s a direct way to attract the public’s attention. However, the Street Art in Athens has really started due to political and economic issues in the country. Same happens in the German capital, when people painted the Berlin Wall after the second World War.

The artist BLU also depicts the issues of the society through Street Art.

Graffitis have been flourishing since many years now in the Greek capital but also in cities like Thessaloniki. The Street Art in Athens is recent and several touristic tours are available in the Greek capital. in order to get advices and information from guides specialists in urban art. You’ll discover big and little anecdotes in an open-air museum. For instance, Athens was even called “the contemporary Street Art mecca in Europe” by the New York Times. Moreover, Street Art festivals have been multiplied in the country. Some people would say that Athens authentic architecture has really changed because of this contemporary movement. But isn’t it a natural consequence of big evolutions in a city?

A Street Art Festival to wake up minds 

Athens Street Art Festival has been founded in 2009 and its goals are multiple and a socially committed. Its first aim is to renovate schools of deprived neighborhoods thanks to Street Art. Then they are helping art students to afford their studies. They also help them to continue their artistic projects. Thirdly, Athens Street Art Festival shows to the world that despite a rude crisis, the state stays creative and solidary.

Mural “Urban Act”, Athens Street Art Festival

All of this creates really good spots to observe work art outdoors and now urban artists are coming from all over the world. It also helps Athens to become a real touristic place for the public since 2014.

Athens: touristic destination for influencers

Today, beautiful painting murals in the Greek capital has attracted numerous tourists who want to take pictures of it and publish them on social media. Street Art in Athens is recent and it has become a big trend. In fact, the artists’ work is seen by a lot of users on the internet thanks to influencers. But it isn’t the first urban art objective and we can think that the urban art has taken a new shape, with a growing part of sponsor and marketing reflection. However, social media offer a real open window for street artists to be known in the world. But some artists fight to preserve Street Art as an original artistic movement.

To conclude, Athens is definitely a good destination to see Street Art in Europe. The urban art there is rich, colorful and depicts the recent political and economical events. Thanks to committed artists which believe in the power of art on people’s mind, Athens has attracted other street artists. The tourism is now really present in Greece  and street work art has sometimes the impression to be only profitable for the social media. However, Athens stays a great destination for Street Art lovers. 

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