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Street Art in Dublin: colorful districts and talented artists


Street Art in Dublin is now (almost) everywhere, but actually it is something recent for the city. Of course, spontaneous graffitis and tags are here since may years in Dublin. However, the very established and talented street artists with their beautiful murals have been developing their art since only several years now in the Irish capital. Except the Temple Bar district, urban art was rare. It’s in 2014 that Street Art really developed in Dublin, the capital asks the artists about their projects and ideas for the city’s streets. 

Dublin streets
Dublin streets

Indeed, graffitis and street paintings used to be erased by the city, considered as vandalism and savage art. Now this alternative art is recognized and the city is pleased to welcome Street Art events and artists from all over the world. 

The project Dublin Canvas is bringing colours to little boxes

In 2015, the project “Dublin Canvas” aimed to colour the traffic lights control boxes. The objective was to transform these grey boxes into little and unique pieces of art. In fact, these painted control boxes are everywhere in the city. It’s impossible to not cross one during a walk in the city’s streets. Volunteer artists participate to this project and now the traffic lights control boxes are no longer sad, metallic and grey boxes. 

Control box in Dublin

The temple bar is welcoming different themes of Street Art

A project called “Love the Lane” starts in June 2018 with the municipality of Dublin, in order to open the Temple Bar streets to artists. The artist Anna Doran creates this year a real temple of Love this year. She created “Love Lane”: a lot of little cubic slates on a big wall with love messages, hearts and sweet shapes, all in pink. 

“Love Lane” Street Art by Anna Doran

Camden Street: a paradise for new Street Artists 

The agency Evolve Urban Art is promoting street art everywhere in Dublin. Its role is to create relations between artists and Dubliners on artistic projects. Camden street is where you can find a lots of street art paintings and graffitis. Here, Street Art is recognize as a positive impact on the city’s culture creation. It started first with shop’s metallic curtains and now it’s on a lots of wall in this district. Camden street is now a real open-air museum in Dublin. 

Street Art by Aches
Camden Street graffiti in Dublin

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