Original work art by the Italian-Swedish Street Artist: Etnik


Street Art is a really good way for artists to express themselves and show their work directly to the public thanks to the place where they paint: public places and streets. Indeed, creativity is limitless and some street artists talents are remarkable in European cities. The Italian-Swedish street artist Etnik is a good example.

A talented street artist

Etnik is the pseudonym of Alessandro Battisti, an Italian-Swedish artist born in 1972 in Stockholm.  He’s now working and living in Turin (Italy). In fact, he is an international artist who makes urban art shows all over the world. Cities such as Nice, Paris, Dusseldorf, but also San Francisco and Monaco have already seen his art in their streets. Etnik can paint impressive murals with mostly geometrical and very colourful pieces of art. His style is very recognisable and his concepts are really interesting with some 3D effects

Etnik is an autodidact and starts his career in the beginning of the 90s in Milan and Florence. He made his studies at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence and gets his diploma in 1998.

Etnik Street Art mural in Italy, Credit Photo

An unique design technique of Street Art

His design and style are made by colourful illustrations, equilibria games, geometrical letters and 3 dimensions which are forming his universe. In fact, all these techniques combined can form beautiful kind of optical illusions. Painting calligraphy in urban landscapes is really something and Etnik uses it to judge or criticize our society. The commitment of this artist can make us think about Blu: another Italian artist who uses art in order to depicts society. 

Etnik Street Art in Milan (2016) credit photo: Francesco Prandoni

‘Prospective cities’ project

His project ‘Prospective cities’ started in 2002 was a real innovation in the Street Art scene. Indeed, nobody had made this theme in Street Art with architectural and colourful murals very detailed and well executed. It’s like the artist is hiding some letters in his work, which describes a certain point of view of the society different subjects. 

Moreover, the letters transformation, until their almost illegibility is the key thing in every Etnik’s work. Everything is about balance the elements of the painting and create a painting that suggest a movement. Etnik is able to create sorts of “floating cities” that look from another dimension.

The street artist Etnik is always looking for the modern graffitis techniques that aren’t not explored yet. 

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