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London: a real open-air museum for fans of Street Art


In the artistic London’s culture, graffitis are everywhere since several decades. Today London is an open-air museum for Street Art but it hasn’t been always like this.

Historically, the United Kingdom capital leads programs against this art considered as vandalism. Until the 2000’s, the sanctions against Street Art were one of the most repressive in Europe. But despite the arrestations and prison sentence threat, urban art keep being and impose itself in several districts of London. 

Famous districts where to find Street Art

Some districts are now very popular like Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Camden because of the work art we can find. World-famous artists like Banksy or Robbo painted there. Camden was one of the most famous districts of Street Art in London. 

More than a market, Camden has also its own work art. The main street is beautiful but you’ll be surprise if you go in the back streets. Beautiful street work art can be observed like the work of famous artists like Otto Schade and the 3D artist Fanakapan. However, some renovations and new buildings in the area make its urban art disappear over the years.

Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch is also a dynamic and ideal place to go when you are looking for Street Art.  Street Art in these two districts aren’t just paintings and graffitis, you can also find little sculptures on traffic signs, castings and so on. Brick Lane is a district full of Street work art. Moreover, you’ll find the famous “Big Rower”.

Brick Lane district, London

That’s thanks to these districts that London is considered as an open-air museum of Street Art.

The cleaning lady, Banksy

An art in constant growing

A district of Street Art in growth is probably Brixton. Murals are growing everywhere thanks to festivals of Street art. The area near the train station is particularly colorful. 

Gradually, Street Art extends to other smaller cities, especially in the East like in Bristol. This city is now a reference for the fans of street art. 

Brixton district, London

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