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Feminism & Street Art: a way of expression for Women’s Rights


Feminism & Street Art can produce beautiful pieces of art together. There is lots of causes why an artist want to express himself: social, political, environmental… But now we’ll have a look about wonderful women street artist who are as much or more talented than men. Some of them use their art to denounce the inequalities between men and women.  

The Street Art by Miss Tic,
a feminist and Parisian poet

The Parisian artist Miss Tic for example, is a famous street artist and poet. She denounces the patriarchy model and defend feminist ideas in a more or less subtle way but always efficient. Miss Tic is one of the pioneer in Street Art with stencil paintings.

She usually uses a woman and write a little citation form herself very catchy. The black, the red and the white are her 3 main colors. Her messages speak about love, feelings, phantasms… She very often represents the woman as an object and a poetical sentence next to it. That produces beautiful art with feminism and Street Art combined.

Let’s check the website of this French artist for further information.

“Je fais marcher les rêveurs” – (I make dreamers walk) by Miss Tic. street art feminism
Street Art by Miss Tic via Instagram

“Soyons folles et excessives” – (Let’s be crazy and excessive) by Miss Tic

Soyons folles et excessives, Miss Tic street art Paris feminism
Street Art by Miss Tic via Instagram

Other beautiful work art from Women: 

Lula Goce is a Spanish street artist and her murals are impressive. She studied in Barcelona and dedicated at 20 years old to dedicate her life to urban art. She started on Barcelona walls but now she already painted on Belgium, Germany and in New York city walls too. Her palette of colors is dark and the details in her paintings are really good. The faces of women that she represents are especially realistic.

As you can see, women can also make beautiful street work art and be world known thanks to their talent. street art feminism
Street Art by Lula Goce in Spain street art
Street Art by Lula Goce in Spain

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