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Conor Harrington’s Street Art: wonderful murals by the Irish artist

Conor Harrington x Maser, Londres // mai 2013 @vidos – street-art-avenue

Street Art is full of artists and each of them has its own history and career. An Irish street artist with an exceptional talent: Conor Harrington’s Street Art is really impressive. Indeed, his quick ascent to a world known reputation is surely due to the original style that he uses.

An original technique of painting

Conor Harrington‘s Street Art is world-famous. First, he is born in Cork (Ireland) in 1980. His paintings are a mix between realism and classical style. Then, he studied Art during 7 years at the Art College and develops his own style. Today, his paintings are really impressive and colorful and depicts the Renaissance period. He has a modern style to describe old scenes and I think that’s this contrast which makes the difference. 

Conor-harrington-street-art mai 2013 @vidos –
Conor Harrington, May 2013 @vidos –

The mans are dominants in his work, he paints scenes of the past, of the History, in the middle of the street and urban landscapes. His work art is as complex as it is beautiful. Moreover, he likes to show to the public the machismo that is hidden in his painted characters.  In the Conor Harington’s Street Art, we can see that he wants us to believes that we’re all linked by History. His pieces of art are here to remember us this. 

His quick ascent to an international reputation

To do his work, Conor Harrington uses historical reconstitutions or make in advance photos in studio with models and costumes. In fact, thanks to his beautiful murals he become really famous and rapidly paint on walls from all around the World. His rising is impressive and now Conor Harrington’s paintings are expensive and well sold. He’s now working in the East of London. Let’s have a look to the beautiful pieces of art that he’s the author. For example, this mural in Copenhagen in 2015.

Conor Harrington – Copenhague // juillet 2015 @vidos – street-art-avenue street art
Conor Harrington – Copenhaguen // July 2015 @vidos – street-art-avenue

1st image from: Conor Harrington x Maser, Londres // mai 2013 @vidos – street-art-avenue

For further information, check Conor Harrington’s website.

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