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Best districts to see exceptional Street Art in Copenhagen


Street Art in Copenhagen is really motley in the Denmark capital. Indeed, this city wasn’t the first to have Street Art, like Berlin or Paris. The hippie period helps Street Art to develop. It came more recently but makes the happiness of its citizens and tourists of the city! 

A colourful city of Street Art

The buildings in Copenhagen are already very colourful, such as the houses around Nyhavn. However, there is a lot of roadworks and buildings renovations in Copenhagen. They are sometimes covered by temporary walls that are a good spot for street artists

Street Art in Copenhagen, photo from My Little Pipe Dream

There is also a lot of tags in the city, sometimes well-designed and thought and sometimes more spontaneous. Districts such as Vestebro or Christiana are very good to observe beautiful Street Art in any manner.  

The district Christiana: free city inside the city

Christiana district, photo from Guide de Voyage Vanupied

Christiana is one of the best places of Street Art in Denmark, a city in the city, self-appointed “free city”. Indeed, it’s kind of a hippie district, very free minded in the heart of the capital. A lot of paintings and graffitis are colouring the place for our eye’s pleasure. Moreover, it seems to be no rules in terms of architecture for the houses in Christiana. A lots of uncommon homes are actually gathered in this area. It’s an abandoned military camp that was occupied by hippies in the 70s. This district stay exceptionnal in any ways. 

Christiana district, photo from Guide de Voyage Vanupied

The charming district of Vesterbro

Vesterbro is a really nice and charming district of Copenhagen. It’s full of life and there is always something to be looking at. For example, there is the smallest hotel in the World: The Central Hotel and Café, or a mural painted by the Irish artist Conor Harrington can be admired. 

Conor Harrington – Copenhague // juillet 2015
Conor Harrington – Copenhague // juillet 2015

Street Art festival in Copenhagen

Meeting Of Styles is a Street Art festival that happens every year. It permits  people from Denmark and tourists to see the work in real time of street artists from all horizons. The 2021 edition will take place the 23-25th of July. 

For more information about this event, see their website.

Street Art in Copenhagen, photo from Guide de Voyage Vanupied

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