Cities of Street Art

One of the symbols of underground art: Berlin

How to speak about Street Art without mentionning Germany and especially its capital? Now underground art is everywhere in Berlin. Its reputation is surely due to its past and the History of the Berlin wall, built in 1961. 

This wall just has the most popular street artists work. When the reunification comes, an association fought to keep the wall as it was: with all the writings on it, paintings, messages and they decided to keep a portion of the wall as a symbol and show it as a part of their history and heritage. The portion of the wall, long from 1,3km is now called the East Side Gallery. The Berlin mall has an special place in the History of Street Art.

The artist Thierry Noir is considered as the first to paint on the wall in 1984. His paintings are really colorful and deliver powerful messages about the war that happened. Then, other artists like Keith Haring will follow the move and make underground art growth in Berlin.

Elephant Key, Thierry Noir

The most famous districts in Berlin

In Berlin, you’ll see from the little graffiti signature to the big and impressive murals of underground art. You can’t visit Berlin without seen at least one work art. One of the most popular is the Mitte district, with a mythic work art located in the Historic center of Berlin, a central and must-see of the capital. The most famous murals are in 3 streets: Schönhauser Allee, Rosenthaler Straße and Alte Schönhauser Straße. Some workart from international artists such as Bansky, El Bocho or London Police are in the Rosenthaler Straße.
The London Police, mural

Another district well known for its street art is Friedrichshain, because of the Revaler Straße 99 and the East Side Gallery. In the first place, we can see street art everywhere in bars, restaurants and abandoned buildings. We can see the work art of the famous street artist Blu and some local street artists. The second place is located in the Mühlenstraße and long by 1,3 km, this is the longer portion of the Berlin Wall. The first street art decorations appear in 1990. 

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