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Feminism & Street Art: a way of expression for Women’s Rights


Feminism & Street Art can produce beautiful pieces of art together. There is lots of causes why an artist want to express himself: social, political, environmental… But now we’ll have a look about wonderful women street artist who are as much or more talented than men. Some of them use their art to denounce the …

Cities of Street Art

The place of Street Art is growing in Belgrade

street art let-it-out-artez-belgrade street art Belgrade

The place of Street Art is in constant augmentation in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Indeed, it’s tumultuous History had make a good way for artists to express themselves. The urban space is really occupied by local artists like Artez, Nikola and TVK. So, there is a lot of styles and techniques in the entire …

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Conor Harrington’s Street Art: wonderful murals by the Irish artist

Conor Harrington x Maser, Londres // mai 2013 @vidos – street-art-avenue

Street Art is full of artists and each of them has its own history and career. An Irish street artist with an exceptional talent: Conor Harrington’s Street Art is really impressive. Indeed, his quick ascent to a world known reputation is surely due to the original style that he uses. An original technique of painting …

Cities of Street Art

Paris: Beautiful districts to see Street Art in the city of Lights

bats paris Ourcq living festival street art

Paris is a capital full of culture in all its forms: lots of museums, sculptures, monuments, paintings, artists, building. Art is literally everywhere in The City of Lights. Let’s discover the main districts of Street Art in Paris. Districts of Street Art in Paris  Paris La Villette – Street Art The 19th arrondissement of the capital is …

Cities of Street Art

A hurricane of colors thanks to Street Art in Rotterdam

street art in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a hurricane of colors, this is the industrial center of Netherlands and a city where underground art is literally everywhere.  So many artists come to this city and thanks to the beautiful results and final work art, it permits to this form of art to be recognize in Europe. Indeed, Street Art in …

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An open eye on the society through Street Art: BLU street artist blu

Blu is a mysterious Street Artist and video maker born in Bologna (Italy) who makes committed art. He depicts and denounce the issues of our society like capitalism and violence by his art. He works in Europe and all around the world. In this way, Blu has an open eye on the society through Street Art …

Cities of Street Art Festivals

The biggest festival of European Street Art: Bristol

street artist Bristol

The biggest festival of European Street Art and graffiti takes place every year in Bristol. So, let’s discover why! Perfect city to observe work art Bristol is a wonderful city for every Street Art lover, located in the South-Ouest of England. Indeed, every available wall in the center is a support for urban art. Impressive …

Cities of Street Art

London: a real open-air museum for fans of Street Art


In the artistic London’s culture, graffitis are everywhere since several decades. Today London is an open-air museum for Street Art but it hasn’t been always like this. Historically, the United Kingdom capital leads programs against this art considered as vandalism. Until the 2000’s, the sanctions against Street Art were one of the most repressive in …

Cities of Street Art Festivals

A festival of Street Art in Vienna: the City of dreams street art Vienna

Vienna is called “The City of Dreams”. Maybe operas, baroques castles and classical art come to your mind when you hear about that city. But Austria is not the last country of Street Art in Europe, even if the development of urban artists pretty much recent. The Street Art in Vienna is really present. The Danube’s …

Cities of Street Art

One of the symbols of underground art: Berlin

How to speak about Street Art without mentionning Germany and especially its capital? Now underground art is everywhere in Berlin. Its reputation is surely due to its past and the History of the Berlin wall, built in 1961.  This wall just has the most popular street artists work. When the reunification comes, an association fought …