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An open eye on the society through Street Art: BLU street artist blu

Blu is a mysterious Street Artist and video maker born in Bologna (Italy) who makes committed art. He depicts and denounce the issues of our society like capitalism and violence by his art. He works in Europe and all around the world. In this way, Blu has an open eye on the society through Street Art and his work is absolutely wonderful.

Blu has an open eye on our society 

The artist starts Street Art in the beginning of the 2000s. He’s using soft colors and paints with rollers to produce beautiful murals. The overconsumption society and capitalism are the main subjects of his work art. He has an open eye on our society with Street Art and wants to open ours. Its art is a bit social and political. Blu plays with metaphors and make the spectators think about the meaning of his paintings in a relatively simple way. street artist blu open eye society
Blu + JR in Berlin

An original idea in an impressive video of Street Art

Blu became a world-famous Street Artist in 2008 with his video “MUTO” (silent in English). A short film where he’s telling a story with his work art made in Buenos Aires and Baden. The film has a big success and gets more than 10 millions of views on YouTube. 

Muto, a wall-painted animation by BLU

The street artist protest against the monetization of his work art. In 2016, Blu decided to erase all his paintings in Bologna with gray paint. This is due to the exposition “Street Art, Banksy & Co. L’arte allo stato urbano” (art as urban state) organized by the Palazzo Pepoli, Bologna Museum. In fact, they pict the work art of street artists in Bologna. They use them for their exposition and made money at the entrance of the museum without warning the artists in question. Blu protest because people are making money on his work art and he doesn’t do it for this purpose. 

Blu isn’t the first artist to erase his own work art, many artists use this technique as a protest, to show their discontent like Banksy.

For more photos of the beautiful work art of this European street artist, go to his website.

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