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An artistic city where to find Street Art: Milan


An artistic city

When you think about European Street Art, Milan isn’t the first city that comes to your mind… Well, it should! Milan is actually the host of biggest Italian artists in the world and Street artists such as Blu express themselves in the city. 

Indeed, Milan is a really artistic city and Street Art is everywhere. Also known for been the fashion capital, Milan hosts beautiful pieces of art. From little tags to huge murals, Street Art in Milan is various and colourful like the train station Milan Porta Garibaldi. A lot of paintings are located on shops’ curtains and they are in this case only observable in the evenings or during the weekend. 

milan street art a different perspective pixabay

Street Art in Navigli

Navigli is one of the best districts to see beautiful Street work art, where you can walk along the canal. The area has been really colourful since Street Art took possession of the place. Moreover, the neighborhood is perfect to take an “Aperitivo” and take the time to observe beautiful thanks to the numerous bars and restaurants. 

Navigli in Milan

Milan Street artist: 2501 

The artist 2501 is born in Milan and his paintings and different pieces of art can be observed in Milan. His style includes lines, shapes that break the traditional codes of art. He uses different techniques: paintings, installations, sculptures, photography and film. In that way, he’s a complete artist of Street Art in Milan.

“Veicolo Adamantino” solo show at The Don Gallery, 2011 by 2501
“Il Guardino”, by 2501 (2015)

He exposes his art everywhere in the world, cities like Miami, Chicago, Kathmandu, Turin, Paris… have already saw his art. His work is mostly black and white with a touch of colours and it’s simply beautiful. The artist 2501 has also artistic projects such as “Nomadic experiment” (2013) which takes place everywhere. I really invite you to have a look to the project’s website Nomadic Experiment. You can see his numerous works which aim “detachment from daily life” in order to approach a new reality.

Street Art by 2501 in Milan

2501 is a really original street artist very talented and everybody can read his art in their own way. That’s why Street Art makes art allows each person to understand it. 

Other photos of Milan by @daniilino_films :

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