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A Polish city where to observe beautiful Street Art: Lodz

Street Art in Poland

Polish Street Art doesn’t start with American tags trend like other European countries. Indeed, its long story starts with posters culture in Poland, where big murals are dedicated to propaganda during the communism time. Now, it is genuine artistic creations, even with political messages with artists who still have a message to deliver through paintings. Urban art permits spectacular work art, for a large public, far from the repressive time of expression liberty in Poland. Let’s see the beautiful Street Art paintings in Lodz.

Sepe x Chazme - Detronizacja, 2011, Łódź Street Art
Sepe x Chazme – Detronizacja (2011) Łódź

Lodz: Urban Forms Foundation

Urban Forms foundation is founded in 2009 in Lodz for cultural purposes. It is supporting artistic urban projects in public spaces through demonstrations in order to refresh the city image. There is also the Urban Forms Festival in Lodz where artists from all over the world come to express themselves. Choosing urban art was a good idea to saturate Lodz’s landscape with colourful paintings in every street in an original way. 

The work of Polish artists

The artist Ciah Ciah for instance, is really talented and produces geometrical paintings in a black and white style. He also works with stickers art. He likes to deal with mind control and the false prophets.

Another famous Polish artist: Nespoon. Her style is prints of traditional laces, it’s really poetic. She uses mostly white and a lot of techniques such as pottery and sculpture in her art. All the little details of the laces form a marvellous mural and it’s pleasant to look at. Have a look to her Instagram account: @nes.poon, where you can see some videos of her original and brilliant work techniques.

nespoon art urban forms festival street art lodz
Nespoon, Street Art Festival in Lodz (2017) Lodz nespoon festival artistic
Nespoon, Street Art Festival in Lodz (2017)

“Odzyski” is the name of two huge murals made by several Polish artists: Tone, Cekas, Proembrion and Sepe. The piece of art is so full of colours and details that it really brings a new air to these standard buildings. This piece of art in one of the most beautiful Street Art in Lodz. Created in 2014, “Odzyski” has almost disappear by now because of the years and bad weather. As we can see, Street Art is really a good way to transform urban landscape. It brings a bit of taste into such geometrical and dull buildings. 

Cekas & Proembrion & Chazme & Sepe & Tone - "Odzyski", 2014. Łódź, Polska. Źródło: urban art
Cekas, Proembrion, Chazme, Sepe and Tone – “Odzyski” (2014) street art
Cekas, Proembrion, Chazme, Sepe and Tone – “Odzyski” (2014)

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