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A hurricane of colors thanks to Street Art in Rotterdam

street art in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a hurricane of colors, this is the industrial center of Netherlands and a city where underground art is literally everywhere. 

So many artists come to this city and thanks to the beautiful results and final work art, it permits to this form of art to be recognize in Europe. Indeed, Street Art in Europe has suffered of the bad image of their work in the old days. Now the talent of artists like RUL3RS, OX ALIEN and Saรฏd Kinos are so obvious that it would be lying to donโ€™t recognize the beauty of their work. In Rotterdam, underground art is legal, colorful and the work art is very clean (no tags or deteriorations). 

Good places of Street Art 

More than 90% of the city of Rotterdam has been destroyed during the 2dn World War. Instead of rebuilt the exact same old buidings, they asked architects to draw the new city. Rotterdam wins in 2014 the Urbanism Award for the most pleasant city to live in. 

The district of Delfshaven, located on the right side of the Rotte is full of Street paintings and graffitis. A calm and quiet place, where you can walk whereas observe beautiful work art.

The street West-Kruiskade is currently becoming a open-air museum. That’s how Rotterdam is a real hurricane of colors. This project is called Rotterdam Street Art Museum. Indeed, the teaser video of the project just below: 

Rotterdam Street Art Museum ft. Wild Drawing and Insane51

A wonderful app 

If you want to see street art in Rotterdam in the easy way, you can download the app Rewriters010 which indicates you all the work art in the city and their authors for only 0.99$.
Rotterdam hurricane of colors
Pulp fiction, Insane51 
hurricane of colors rotterdam
work art by Ox-Alien in Rotterdam

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