Street Art is a contemporary artistic movement. Historically, the United States are the first to see this kind of art emerge. Then it appears in the 70s in Europe. At first, this kind of Art was considered as vandalism and illegal but now it is authorized and appreciated by the public. Street Art can also be a way to bring colors and dynamism to cities which need it, such as the French city Saint-Brieuc and the festival “Just Do Paint”.


Now beautiful cities in Europe have entire streets dedicated to this art.

For example, Berlin in Germany has its own part in the History of Street Art in Europe. The Berlin Wall became a real piece of art and a way for artists to express their emotions differently. That’s how the German capital became a famous place where to find underground art. Same thing happens in Athens, where Street Art was a way for artists to express their feelings during the economical crisis.

I’ll let you discover the main cities of Street Art through this website.


Cities like Vienna are not the last in terms of work art and the festival Calle Libre can bear witness. Artists from all the world come to show their talent directly in the street and to all its inhabitants. How to speak about European Street Art without mentioning London and Bristol, two hometown of underground art. The second one hosts one of the most famous Street Art festival in Europe! The beauty of the work art is really impressive in these cities.

Street Art can also be a way to support causes such as feminism or the LGBTQ+ community. In many ways, Street Art can wake up our minds and communicate directly with the people.

TOP 5 – Cities of Street Art in Europe

5- Rotterdam 4- London 3- Paris 2- Berlin 1- Bristol